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What is the plan for 2022?

The ultimate goal is to fully launch 1616 to as many youth hockey teams as possible in the fall of 2022, in conjunction with the 2022/2023 hockey season.

We piloted the program in the fall of 2021 with a test group and analyzed pilot data and feedback. We are now working to adapt and iterate program elements and form strategic partnerships before a full launch.

Development Phases
and timeline

Phase 01



Laying The Foundation
  • Assembling program development team and key stakeholders
  • Marketplace Research
  • Clarifying program vision and direction
  • Program development roadmap
  • Brand development
  • Program format development
  • Fundraising

Phase 02



Building The Pilot
  • Curriculum and program content writing
  • Creative production planning
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Story sourcing
  • Fundraising

Phase 03



Bringing Things To Life
  • Pilot test group recruiting
  • Finalizing program content and materials
  • Creative production of program materials
  • Fundraising

Phase 04



  • Creative production continues
  • Finalizing of pilot materials
  • Test group training and onboarding
  • 16-week program pilot with test group

Phase 05

Winter / Spring


  • Pilot feedback evaluation and data analysis
  • Coach, parent, and player interviews
  • Program iteration and improvement plan
  • Go-To-Market strategy development
  • Fundraising

Phase 06

Spring / Summer


Program Improvement
  • Reworking program materials as needed
  • Creative production of new program materials
  • Preparation for launch

Phase 07



  • Full rollout of 1616 to youth hockey teams across North America!

Program Development Budget

We have completed the first 5 phases of development. We ran our 7-week pilot program that included 11 teams from across North America and over 500 coaches, players, and caregivers. The overwhelming results and feedback affirm our belief that 1616 meets a critical need and has the potential to transform youth hockey.

We are now seeking additional funding for phases 6 & 7 to rework current program materials and produce new material for our full 16-weeks program.

Case for support

Download our case for support and learn how you can get involved to help us bring this project to life.

An invitation to partner with us

The vision for 1616 is big and bold and we can’t accomplish it without you. The lives of our children are too important to ignore the mental and social challenges they’re facing. We need your partnership at this critical stage to help us bring the 1616 vision to life so that together, we can shift the culture of youth hockey and equip hundreds of thousands of youth in North America with the tools they need to thrive.

Together we can change the game. Together, we will create an environment for kids, parents and coaches which cultivates skills like resilience, connection, confidence, empathy and leadership. Please consider partnering with us by investing financially into the development of this game-changing program that will have an impact for generations to come.

With gratitude,

Andrew and Brandy Ladd

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