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Sixteen Sixteen.

Initial Pilot Evaluation

In fall 2021, 1616 conducted a 7-week, 11 team (500 participant) North American pilot program. We collected pre, post and weekly questionnaire data from participating youth hockey players, their caregivers and coaches to measure and understand the impact of 1616 before we invest in the full program’s development. By measuring enjoyment, learning outcomes, skill improvement, and engagement within the participants, we were able to test the research, the model, and the approach to ensure that 1616 has a positive impact on players, families, coaches, and youth hockey culture. Looking at the data, we have found that 1616 had an overwhelmingly positive impact. Here’s a breakdown of our initial findings:

1616 Post-Pilot

Initial Impact Highlights

of pilot participant respondents found the 1616 videos enjoyable.

By the final week of the Pilot,

of respondents said they were enjoying the program.

of participant respondents completed our weekly “Live it Out” activity on or off the ice.

Of the caregivers with participating youth,

of pilot participant respondents found the 1616 videos enjoyable.

By the final week of the Pilot,

of participant respondents said they improved at hockey that week and that the program helped them understand the importance of commitment, character, integrity, and confidence in sport.

of participant respondents said they

“would be excited to do the full 1616 Program”.

of respondent coaches would recommend the 1616 program to others.

Throughout the pilot, a majority of respondents reported learning something new about themselves each week they participated.

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Hear what our participants are saying…

I learned to try my hardest, even when the coaches or your parents aren’t looking, and to be honest, always.”

– Player, U9

We not only saw the growth in our child, but we grew as parents and learned better how to handle on and off ice situations.”

– Parent

As coaches, we’re so consumed with other stuff and it gives you a bit of an idea every week of different things that you could try… It’s in-depth overall and just such a positive experience for everyone.”

– Coach, U10

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